I WAS NINE YEARS OLD when a Kodak darkroom kit given to me by my parents planted the seed of what would later become my life's passion. Seeing an image slowly appear on a blank sheet of paper in a tray of liquid was amazing. Even the darkened room with only a faint yellow glow from the safelight had its wonder. Later that same year, I purchased a used Polaroid Land camera. At that time, the process of an instant picture was truly magic. The camera would attract people waiting the 60 seconds to see what the camera had captured. I was sidetracked for the next several years growing up with the aimless direction of an adolescent.

I graduated college in 1969 with a degree in economics but no desire to pursue a career in business. Venturing on a cross-country trip after my college graduation, a borrowed Nikon would reacquaint me with the magic of photography. A camera has a special power and it made me feel important. Behind the lens I found direction after years of uncertainty through high school and college as to my true calling.

My photographs range from classic landscapes to a somewhat haunting and foreboding depictions of the world from abstract and surreal fragments to portraits of friends and family. They are my records of a place in time. They are my feelings framed. New Jersey is the geography of many of my photographs. Born and raised in the state, I have a special rapport with its landscape. I've spent countless hours both in the day and the night traveling the roadways scouting for my photographs.

In 1990 my daughter Alexandria was born and something very special was added to my photography. My photographs of Alex are of a girl as she journeys through the first sixteen years of life.

Recently after forty years of primarily photographing large format film and in black & white, I have succumbed to the new technology and purchased a Nikon digital camera, an Epson 4880 printer and several software programs. For several months, I plowed through endless technology reading manuals and viewing tutorials not taking a single photograph. Now as I engage the new technology, the digital process opens new creative doors.