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Gelatin Silver

Ex Mother-in-law's Sofa
Cranford, NJ (1976)

I primarily photograph with a large format camera and in black and white. Without color to distract, the black and white image reveals more clearly my feelings and the large negative conveys all the details.

In Mr. Lav’s pictures, there are seemingly two photographers at work. One produces gentle meditative prints and the other although no less contemplative, works on a more heroic scale.

Vivien Raynor - The New York Times


Fun Town
Seaside Park Boardwalk, NJ (2010)

Recently my focus has changed from a black and white forum into a world of computer enhanced color images! This has drastically changed my range of options and allowed me to transmit my work to a wider audience!

They are surprisingly distinctive images that are a unique blend of photography and surreal painting with colors so brilliant they make me dizzy.

George Tice