Zone System: Step by Step Guide for Photographers

Shutterbug (August 2002) (August 2002)

Shutterbug review (August 2002)

To the uninitiated, the Zone System may appear to be a confusing and almost totally incomprehensible process. This concept has caused many photographers to shy away from it but when presented in a different manner the Zone System really does not have to be all that intimidating. Brian Lav has been using and teaching this technique for over twentyfive years and has perfected a way to condense this tidal way of information into one easy to understand book.

His tireless efforts have produced a marvelous text that is not bogged down with various graphs or charts and still manages to keep themath to an acceptable minimum. Lav even divides the process into manageable components to avoid overloading the reader with to much information to soon. His years of teaching have allowed him to anticipate any question the reader may have. There is even a review section to make sure the lesson has been fully absorbed before advancing to the next level.

This book is for the advanced amateur but it would be a great addition to any photographers library.

- C. A. Bovlan