In the world of black and white
Where day light often blends with night.
All the shadows are displayed
In playgrounds washed with colors grayed

Everett Applegate - poet/author

In Mr. Lavís pictures, there are seemingly two photographers at work. One produces gentle meditative prints and the other although no less contemplative, works on a more heroic scale.

Vivien Raynor - The New York Times

Lav has probably done more to promote photography than any other photographer in New Jersey. His study of an old man seated looking out a window, a paper lying on his lap, a delicate vase of flowers resting near him on the window sill, is perfection.

Rachel Mullen - The Bernardsville News

He has an artistic range that goes beyond someone who worships at the temples of Edward and Brett Weston or Ansel Adams.

Mitchel Siedel - The Star-Ledger

His Hoboken Railway Station plays tricks with our perception. Itsí beauty belies the harsh reality of being in Hoboken on a cold winter day. What unifies Lavís New Jersey photographs is not so much place but mood, a nocturnal mood - the vision of Lav...

George Tice

Brianís images trigger our collective memories and remind us of what photographs can do. They clarify and confuse. They mediate experience. They glorify, seduce, and cloth reality in mystery. He shows us what a photograph can be from the hands of an artist with an uncanny sense of that perfect moment when the light, balance, movement, stillness or expression coalesce.

Michelle Bogre

Brian Lav creates urban landscapes which depend heavily on the dramatic interplay of light and shadow. There is an eerie quality to his work and the few pictures which include people portray them in a ghostly, other-worldly fashion. Even the photograph of his Sofa seems as if it is waiting for a chance to star in a bloody horror film.

Mike Schnessel Ė The Trentonian

They are surprisingly distinctive images that are a unique blend of photography and surreal painting with colors so brilliant they make me dizzy.

George Tice